Thursday, January 26, 2012

AIDA Approach For an Effective Memo or Cover Letter

In order to write an effective memo or cover letter there are many things that need to be taken into consideration. When writing a memo or a cover letter, an individual is trying to gain the audience’s attention and to get a purpose across to that targeted audience.  According to our text, Improving Business Communication Skills, “…you only have a few seconds to grab your reader. To write persuasively, follow AIDA approach: attention, interest, desire, and action” (Roebuck, 2006). When using the AIDA approach there is many things that are taken into consideration for the writer to begin to draft an effective memo or cover letter. As mentioned earlier the writer only has a few seconds to capture the audience. The benefits of using AIDA, causes the writer to remain focused and has a guideline to follow. By taking the audience into consideration and focusing on gaining the attention, the writer can further expand by creating an interest and desire. This in turn will cause the audience to take a specific action. AIDA will be effective in a memo and cover letter because it will be written in a persuasive manner. If the writer is able to keep the audience “hooked” and is able to effectively get the purpose across, the audience will move towards that specific action that is requested.

When taking these into consideration, when writing a cover letter for a resume, I would have to sell myself, but also gain the attention of business. I would focus on how hiring me would be a benefit to the business and expand on the skills and qualifications that are necessary to for the job that I possess. I would use persuasiveness and make the business interested in continuing to read my resume. If my cover letter is ineffective, most likely they will not want to read any further. Therefore I would have to gain their attention.

When writing a memo or cover letter, the audience wants to know what is in it for them and how hiring an individual or reading a memo is beneficial to them. I think in this aspect using AIDA to develop the memo or letter will help the writer focus not only what his/her needs are, but also on what the audience wants. Hitting on the audience’s desires can persuade the individual to take action. By using the “emotional appeal” or “logical appeal” the product being sold or idea being considered can reach the audience on a personal and clear level. By following the AIDA plan the letter or memo will be read and again taken into consideration. These are the many benefits of using AIDA to write an effective memo or letter.


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