Monday, January 30, 2012

Communications Capstone

This is my last post in regards to Communications Capstone class, but I will continue to keep this blog up. I will continue to write and focus my blog more on music, opinions, and anything else I feel like writing about. (Probably more about nature!) I must say I have really enjoyed the Capstone class and I have learned a lot. I have been able to tie in what I have learned from all of my previous classes in Communications and piece it together. It is apparent communications plays a vital role in our everyday lives. It keeps us connected and and is ever growing with the continued expanison of tools to utillize. From the interenet to cell phones, communication has come a long way.It is important to realize who the audience is, deliver the message with purpose and the way it was intended. Being able to communicate successfuly and effectively will help to make me more successful in my career. Thank you for reading my blog, and I hope some of you will continue to be a follower and we can stay connected!

Amanda Analla

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